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It’s time for another post in my bullet journal series! In today’s edition, I will show you some of my personal spreads. These are spreads that are currently useful to me that wouldn’t be found in every bullet journal. I’ll give you a sneak peek at spreads like my library books and recipes to try. And hopefully, be able to inspire you to think of some spreads that are useful for your bujo and daily life!

personal spreads

Library books 

To start off, let me show you my spread for tracking my library books. 

I have 3 columns in this spread. (and a fancy floral doodle, because that’s how I roll.

On the left, I have titles written down on books I know I’ll be able to find in my library. Nowadays when I come across a book I’d want to read in the future I immediately look for it in my library’s collection. If it’s there, I’ll put it on the list. Like a library wishlist. 

Then I have a second column to write down when I make a reservation for that particular book, to keep track of the reservations I have going at my library. And finally, a column to mark the book as read with the date.

It’s a simple spread but since I love using my library, I find it very useful to have a place where I can keep track of the books I want to get from there.

personal spreads

Book releases 2019

Another bookish spread? Is anyone really surprised? 😉

This spread is reserved for upcoming 2019 releases. I find using apps like Goodreads or Hebban a hassle to use when it comes to tracking upcoming releases. They just mix in with other books I want to read and I easily lose track of the dates they are being released.

So hey, the opportunity for a new spread jumped out at me!

This spread just does what it says on the tin, it contains a list of books that are being published in 2019 that I’m excited for. With a date (specific or just a month) and the publisher. And a little check mark when I have read or gotten hold of the book.

I check back in on this spread from time to time to get reminded of the books on there. And I usually check it at the beginning of every month to write down the books of the specific month in my monthly calendar. 

I just reserved one page for this spread and I will probably make another one for the second half of the year when this one fills out. Because so many books, so little time!

personal spreads

Recipes to try

And finally the last spread I want to share today is my ‘recipes to try’ list. Another handy page where I can keep track of recipes I come across online. Recipes I would love to give a go one day but don’t want to print off all the information for. So I just keep a list of the dish and the place where I found it. 

It’s again, an easy and simple spread, but makes life a bit more organized!

Other personal spreads

In the past, I’ve also had other personal spreads. For example the year I lived in London I had a packing list. This list included items I brought over from the Netherlands and didn’t want to lose sight off. In the same year, I also started out using Lush products. And so had a spread of the products I purchased, the price, how long they lasted and if I would buy them again. 

Both of these spreads were great to use in the time I needed them. But haven’t found a new place in my most recent bullet journal. And so every year has spreads that I re-use or re-invent. I can’t wait to move into a new bullet journal for my university journey, and figure out what works for me then. And I’ll, of course, take you along for the ride. 🙂

I’ve mentioned this in every part of the bullet journal series so far, but your bujo should be completely fitted to your lifestyle. The bujo system works the best whenever you add the spreads that will benefit your daily life. There’s thousands of example spreads out there. And only in trial and error, you will figure out in what way your personal spreads will work for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and to enjoy the ride! 

Til next time!

I hope you enjoyed this new installment in the new series and this little look at some of my personal spreads. I have found a new wind with this series and I have already planned some new posts which will be coming your way soon! (Including a review of Ryder Caroll’s book The Bullet Journal Method).

As always, if you enjoyed this post and would like me to continue. Please tap the little heart at the bottom of the post, it means a lot! ?

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