Bullet Journal series – Day in the bujo

Today I’d like to give you another glance at my bullet journal. But this time a more specific look! Let’s chat about why and when I use this bujo throughout the day to use the system to plan my life. Enjoy the third part of the bullet journal series!

8.15 Good morning.

I’m quite the early riser these days. And unless I have to be up for an early shift at work at 6.30, I’m pretty happy to do so. I usually have my breakfast before even looking at my bullet journal. But while starting up my MacBook and sipping a cup of tea, my bullet journal is one of the first things I grab for.

I make my to-do list and plans for the day on the day before. It’s easier for me to list things in the evening. It helps me get to sleep easier and not forget things. So when I open up my bullet journal I have a good idea what to do for the day. I do like to check my calendar, both yearly and monthly, just in case I forget something. And I also might add some other things to do.

On the 1st of March, I had quite the relaxing day; with the day off from work I could do whatever I wanted to. On my to-do list was to write a blog post on the use of bookish apps (which you’ve seen already by the time this post goes up – click here 🙂 ) and to go to the library.

On days where I work and have a long shift, I might not use my bujo as much throughout the day. But I’m always sure to check it in the morning. It just gives me a little boost to start the day!

9.30 Blogging.

While working on a blog post, I’d like to have my bujo open next to me. I usually have written out some sort of thoughts on the contents of a blog post or just a general layout of what I’d like to have in the post. Recently I’ve also started writing out notes about books in my bujo; quotes but also points I’d like to touch upon in my review.

As you can tell, my bullet journal definitely isn’t just a diary, it contains so much more.

13.05 Library spread

library spread bujo

Quite the time jump. As I planned, I went to the library today to pick up some books. And this seems to be the perfect opportunity to show off my library spread! This is a custom spread I added in my bujo to keep track of reservations. I track when I put a book on hold at the library and when I actually read it. It serves as a little reminder which books I’m looking forward to.

Especially handy to avoid unnecessary book purchases when trying to save money ha!

I’m planning to do a ‘custom spreads’ blog post in the future, showing off my personal spreads I use. If you like the idea of that, please let me know!

At this point, while I have my bujo in front of me, I also cross off any things I have done on my to-do list. And sometimes add on new things. My bujo is quite fluid and just moves along with my day, which how I like it to be.

19.00 Habit Tracker

We’re now getting to the end of the day. And this is my final time checking my bujo for the day.

At the end of the day, I like to fill out my habit tracker. If you want some more information on this spread, please refer to my previous part in the bullet journal series. But in short; I fill out the little square if I succeeded at that particular habit the day. On the opposite side of the page, I also fill out one or two things I’m grateful for that day. On the first of March, I wrote down I’m excited for a new month to start; new month – new chances!

By this point, I also write down my to-do list for the next day. I’ll check my calendar, my monthly to-do list and anything else that needs to be done for the next day. So I’m well prepared for the next day to come. And I will have no loose thoughts floating in my mind when I go to bed.

habit tracker bujo

‘Til next time!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this next installment in my bullet journal series, a glance at my daily use of my bujo. Of course, this differs every day, but this is quite a good example.

If you like this post and maybe learned anything new, please tap the little heart. It lets me know to continue these posts.

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Sources and inspiration.


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Pigma MICRON fineliners in 02, 04 & 06. (pens I use)


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  • Reply Halaina Kumpf 07/03/2019 at 15:20

    I loved this post Marcella! I am still a baby bullet journaler and have found that often times I forget to pick up my journal until the evening or only open it first thing in the morning. It’s helpful to see an sample of your schedule. I am excited for more BuJo posts 🙂


    • Reply Marcella de Wolf 11/03/2019 at 13:05

      Thanks so much Halaina!

      I think it’s really about finding a schedule that works for you. I have days where I completely forget to check my bujo as well, and it became a point in my habit tracker in the past. Now most of the time, it’s just such a part of my daily schedule that I can’t help but check it. ?

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